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A double hung window consists of two separate sashes, a top sash and a bottom sash, which slide vertically in their own tracks to allow both sashes to be opened. The top sash can be opened fully while the bottom sash is closed fully, the bottom sash can be opened fully while the top sash is closed fully or both sashes can be opened half way at the same time.


In any of these configurations the double hung window will provide a maximum face opening of half the total window area. The double hung window is equipped with either balances or springs which act as a counter balance to allow either of the sashes to remain stationary in any position when they are opened.


Many double hung windows will operate in such a way as to permit the sashes to tilt inward to allow for cleaning on both the inside and outside of the glass from the inside of the building.



  • Sashes tilt in for safe, easy cleaning
  • Fusion welded corners ensure your window stays strong, square and weather-tight
  • Interlocking sashes at the meeting rail include weatherstripping and reinforcement overlap when closed to prevent air and water infiltration
  • Insulated double- or triple-pane glass units can be configured for all climates
  • Variety of exterior and interior frame colors and grilles to accent your home’s style


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